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In honor of our Grand Opening celebration I thought it would be great to do a post where you can meet some of our amazing vendors! All of the vendors participating in our company are women whose businesses support feeling and looking good about yourself! I personally love to support businesses with a purpose so similar to mine!

Samantha K is a Pure Romance consultant. She is stunning, vivacious, confident, and so easy to get to know and love!!! I cannot wait for you to meet her and see all that she has to offer!

Pure Romance by Samantha K

Tell us about your company.

Pure Romance is an amazing company that helps to educate, empower and entertain women. We are the number one world wide Romance company out there; and for very good reason! As Pure Romance by Samantha K, my job is to provide you and your girlfriends a fun evening full of learning and laughter. As a hostess you earn free products the night of your show. As a consultant, you open the door to endless opportunities within in your life!

How did you get started with Pure Romance?

Four and half years ago, my husband was on a short deployment. One of my girlfriends was like, “OMG you should so do one of these parties I heard about! That way we don’t have to go ‘that store’!” So I said sure, why not? I called up a consultant, three days later I put out some light snacks and drinks and earned a $100 shopping spree! I was hooked on the products and fun. I thought, if my friends were willing to spend $1,000 at a party, then there has to be some money to be made here; haha and my friends are stingy! Two weeks later I joined the business. Mostly to buy shoes and support my husband’s video game collection (which those things are NOT cheap!).  I have since gotten out of the service myself and seen the success I was having with my business and decided, why get a 9-5 job when can I literally party for a living? I haven’t looked back since!

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Oh, that’s a tricky one! There are so many fabulous things about Pure Romance that I have totally fallen in love with. But if we’re being completely being honest here, I would have to say it’s a tie between dressing up and the socializing aspect of the business. Wearing boots, a uniform and my hair in a bun almost everyday for 5 years, it gave me the chance to really be a woman! And I absolutely adore meeting new people and hanging out with like minded women. I have met some of the most amazing individuals while in this business.

What motivates you?

This questions always brings out my cheesy, sappy side every time. There is no greater feeling than hearing that I helped a couple, after 10 years of marriage,  find that “spark” again. Baby shower invites arriving shortly after doing parties make me grin and warm my heart! I have even received a Thank You card in the mail from an older woman who had literally NEVER had an orgasm. Another woman thanked me for helping feel comfortable in her own skin and showing her how important and beautiful she really is. Knowing that I am helping women find self confidence, saving marriages, helping create life, showing women how they can live a better life with this business; that’s what motivates me. That’s what keeps me going every day.

What would you like everybody to know about you or your company?

 I would like for everyone to know and understand that there is more to Pure Romance by Samantha K than just parties. Yes, when I show up in your neighborhood, you know that a good time with your girlfriends is about to happen! Yes, as my hostess you’re going to be showered with discounts and free products. But what I’d really like for everyone to know is that this isn’t just a job. We’re more than just a party company. It’s a way of life! It’s a lifestyle of happiness, empowerment, love and success. Our parties, that’s just the tip of the iceberg 😉

If you would like to meet this fabulous lady, come on by our Grand Opening Celebration!!! Samantha will be there with some goodies for you!

If you would like to book a party with Samantha or find out about more of her products, check out her website!

And find her on Facebook!


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 If you haven’t guessed, I’m sort of obsessed with black.

So I am completely and totally in love with this room of our Virginia Beach Boudoir Studio!!!

I wanted to build the perfect setting for my gals to unleash their inner seductress.

I personally feel so sexy every time I step into my studio!

I will be posting more images of the entire space soon!

But for now, check out some sneak peeks of our main shooting space!

Virginia Beach Boudoir Studio

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One question that I am often asked is if we offer high resolution digital files. The answer is, yes! We do!

Most of our clients are giving their images as a gift or having their session so that they have something to look back on years down the road. I strongly believe that images are best viewed printed. It is one thing to see them on a computer screen, but an entirely different feeling to have a gorgeous, hand crafted album in the palm of your hands.

While I personally believe that your images deserve to be printed, I completely understand the love of having your photos readily available to you in a digital format! I personally have to have both!

Our high resolution digital files are a great addition to your album! We even have a special rate on files purchased with an album, which quite a few clients choose to do! In addition to having the images in your album, the photos on your custom flash drive will come printed as 4×6 reference prints from my professional print lab.

It really is the best of both worlds:)

Your digital files will also come with a print release and recommendations of labs that can recreate prints for you in an affordable way without sacrificing quality.

I am in LOVE with our gorgeous crystal flash drives! What better way to store your sexy images than in a sexy little flash drive?!

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