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I receive a lot of emails from other photographers about boudoir. Most people are going in to their first session and are either feeling lost or scared or hundreds of other emotions that all lead them to seek help. A lot of them are overwhelmed by the business side of things and wanting advice on how to grow their business.

When I say that I live and breathe boudoir, I’m not kidding.

I am pretty much obsessed with this growing genre of photography.

I am extremely passionate about boudoir. It is far more than photographing an individual in a state of undress. It is far more than showing somebody how beautiful they are.

Boudoir is about allowing somebody to be vulnerable, powerful, and brazen.

Each client that walks through the doors of my studio comes in nervous but with the knowledge that they are entering into a safe haven where there are no apologies and no judgement.

I have cried with my clients. I have jumped up and down with my clients. And I have loved my clients so deeply.

We as photographers have a great responsibility to those who step in front of our lens.

Boudie Biz Basics is for those who are new to boudoir or looking to grow their boudoir business.

BBB is a loose Q&A style information session where no question is off limits!

The psychology of boudoir

How to set up a business

Marketing to and attracting your ideal client

Running a home based or commercial studio

Operating a boutique style low volume, high sales business

Client interaction from initial contact to finish


Pricing for profit and sustainability

In Person Sales

Boudie Biz Basics

If you would like a spot at our Boudie Biz Basics course click the image above or email me by May 23rd!

Space is limited to 7 individuals.


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It’s Tuesday!

You know what that means…

This weeks Tushie Tuesday is a bit of a throwback to last October’s Canada workshop with Last Forty Percent Photography!

I was speaking with a photographer friend recently about my experiences with workshops and mentoring and I just had to talk about just how life changing Ewan and Brianna’s workshop was for me.

I am really hoping to make it out to Canada later this year for a one on one mentoring session with them!

But for now, I will relive the workshop through photographs and memory 🙂

Tushie Tuesday Downtown Norfolk Boudoir Photographer.

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There are not enough words to sum up my excitement from this session!

I’m pretty sure I drove my husband crazy in the week leading up to her session because I couldn’t stop talking about how excited I was to finally meet her!

Miss L drove down from Richmond to have her session for her husband, but most importantly, for herself.

She brought some amazing outfits and some of the most gorgeously hand crafted leather bondage gear that her husband made!

I cannot thank Miss L enough for giving me permission to share images from her session!

I cannot wait to show and tell you more about this amazing woman!!!

But for now, check out the first images taken in the new Downtown Norfolk Boudoir Studio that I have been allowed to share!

Miss L Downtown Norfolk Photographer (2)


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