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I cannot get over these gorgeous blue eyes!!!

Miss C is a friend of Miss H!

She came in to have her session but she was a little worried.

Miss C had a not-so-great boudoir session with another photographer before her wedding and she wasn’t thrilled with the results.

I am so thankful that she gave boudoir a second chance.

Miss C absolutely rocked her session!

She was SO open to ideas and I loved that she was willing to go out of her comfort zone!

Miss C normally wears a uniform everyday. It was so great to have her in something that is super feminine and gorgeous, as well as something very daring and seductive.

Her session is the perfect blend of sweet and sexy!

The fact that her husband loved the photos as well made it even more amazing:)

Check out some of my favorites from Miss C’s session below!


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Last night Miss S yelled at me for not having her sneak peek up.

I don’t think I could tell you how much I love this woman enough.

I try not to play favorites, but she is seriously one of my most favorite clients ever!

This was my third time photographing Miss S. It would have been four if she hadn’t gone into labor:)

Miss S came in with the intention of doing a white sheet session but within fifteen minutes the sheet was tossed to the side and we did a mostly nude session complete with a lot of silhouettes (because she shares my love for them!).

One thing she said that has stuck with me is that it is much more fun to just shoot naked! You don’t have to worry about your clothes bunching, or having to worry about placement.

A majority of my clients strip down for their session, and those who don’t say they wish they did!

It’s such a liberating experience!

I am so excited to share a couple of teasers from Miss S’s boudoir session!


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Shelly is amazing. I am pretty sure she and I twins. It was so amazing to find somebody so similar to myself who I instantly clicked with! Is there a better feeling?!

Shelly wanted to expand upon the boudoir side of her business so that she could better serve her brides. It was so amazing eating sushi, getting to know her, and talking about business!

I cannot wait to see where she takes her boudoir business in the future!

Shelly sent me a review of our mentoring session and I could not be more thankful!

Thank you so much Shelly!!!

“LeZandra is the leading force for boudoir in the greater Hampton Roads area. Her work is constantly raising the bar of the boudoir industry standard, and she has long since established herself as a successful business woman running her own powerhouse creative company.

Not only is her boudoir work exquisite, she also has a kind personality and an aptitude for teaching. Her warm heart and her genuine desire to uplift the boudoir community make her an outstanding mentor.

In addition to her experience as a photographer, LeZandra has a degree in psychology and years of experience developing and changing her own brand, so she’s uniquely positioned to help other photographers develop their brands and marketing targeted to a specific audience -a vital step towards attracting their ideal clients.

I contacted her as a wedding photographer looking to branch out into boudoir sessions for my brides, and LeZandra gave me exactly what I needed to start in the right direction. During my mentoring session, she showed me how to adapt her boudoir business model and pricing structure to my own specific needs.

I went into the mentoring session not expecting to need help on the photography end, but when she explained her methods of posing and editing, I was pleasantly surprised to learn many boudoir specific techniques. LeZandra is a master of light and is well versed in beautiful poses that create breathtaking images of men, women, and couples of all shapes and sizes.

LeZandra is a wonderful teacher that delivers quality, detailed information customized to fit your educational needs in a nurturing and comfortable manner.  Her mentoring sessions are casual, yet packed full of knowledge, and definitely a step towards taking your boudoir photography business to the next level. You’ll walk away with a new perspective of the boudoir industry, as well as a supportive advisor and a wonderful new friend. I highly recommend LeZandra as a photographer and as a powerful mentor.”

Shelly Ramsey, Wedding photographer

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