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One thing I love about the new Downtown Norfolk Boudoir Studio is the fact that I have a neighbor who loves photography as much as I do!

Charles Long is an incredible fashion photographer who I have loved getting to know the last month and a half.

When Charles asked for help with posing and shooting boudoir I was excited to help! I love getting to shoot for myself and being able to force myself out of routines that I have developed while working with clients.

While I typically do not like working with models, Miss M proved to be the exception! She accepted our posing guidance without hesitation and managed to help us create some serious magic!

I was beyond excited (seriously, I could not stop bouncing around with happiness) that I was finally able to fit somebody into the Agent Provocateur piece that we have available in our studio closet! This ensemble fit Miss M perfectly and I could not have imagined a more gorgeous union!

I have a pretty huge announcement to make in regards to something new being offered LeZandra Photography. I aim to always evolve to offer you some of the best options to take your boudoir experience to the next level! I know this new offering will be sure to please!

More details on our newest offering and more images from Miss M’s session will be announced on the blog next week!

But for now, check out a teaser of what’s to come!


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If you haven’t heard, we have moved into a gorgeous new boudoir studio in Downtown Norfolk!

The new space features exposed brick, huge windows, and gorgeous glossed concrete that is just begging you to lay on it!

We are offering Quickie sessions as the perfect way to experience a taste of the new studio.

You will escape to our boudoir oasis for a couple of hours to receive a mini-makeover and the chance to feel like a supermodel while you strut your stuff in front of the camera with my one-on-one pose coaching.

Are you wanting to have a session but have no idea what to expect?

One of our past clients had this to say about her experience:

I’ve had THREE sessions with Lezandra (would have been 4, but I went into labor!). I was nervous for every session…for the first 5 minutes, then I felt GREAT.

LeZandra and her team have this amazing way of making you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world and feel so confident in what you’re doing.

When the dolling up is over and it’s just you and LeZandra it’s the best feeling. She just goes at it, helping you pose in attractive ways that may feel funny but that little peek on the display screen reminds you that she’s the professional you making you look the VERY BEST possible. I loved it.

If I had unlimited funds, I’d probably have seen her twice as many times.

Boudoir sessions are an empowering way of celebrating yourself and all that you have accomplished! Not to mention, we have a TON of fun!

May Quickies Downtown Norfolk Boudoir Photographer

Quickie Sessions include:

A 35 minute boudoir session with yours truly

A white sheet set or an outfit of your choice

Access to our unique and stunning sets

Professionally styled makeup and professionally styled hair.

Grand Opening Quickies are only $225 plus tax.

Quickies will be available from May 29th and May 30th.

Quickies are only offered a select few times during the year and we are offering a maximum of 5 Quickie sessions.

Quickie sessions tend to sell out very fast so please reserve your spot asap! 

Contact me ( if you would like to celebrate the new studio with me!


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I receive a lot of emails from other photographers about boudoir. Most people are going in to their first session and are either feeling lost or scared or hundreds of other emotions that all lead them to seek help. A lot of them are overwhelmed by the business side of things and wanting advice on how to grow their business.

When I say that I live and breathe boudoir, I’m not kidding.

I am pretty much obsessed with this growing genre of photography.

I am extremely passionate about boudoir. It is far more than photographing an individual in a state of undress. It is far more than showing somebody how beautiful they are.

Boudoir is about allowing somebody to be vulnerable, powerful, and brazen.

Each client that walks through the doors of my studio comes in nervous but with the knowledge that they are entering into a safe haven where there are no apologies and no judgement.

I have cried with my clients. I have jumped up and down with my clients. And I have loved my clients so deeply.

We as photographers have a great responsibility to those who step in front of our lens.

Boudie Biz Basics is for those who are new to boudoir or looking to grow their boudoir business.

BBB is a loose Q&A style information session where no question is off limits!

The psychology of boudoir

How to set up a business

Marketing to and attracting your ideal client

Running a home based or commercial studio

Operating a boutique style low volume, high sales business

Client interaction from initial contact to finish


Pricing for profit and sustainability

In Person Sales

Boudie Biz Basics

If you would like a spot at our Boudie Biz Basics course click the image above or email me by May 23rd!

Space is limited to 7 individuals.


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