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When Miss E told me that she wanted to shoot outdoors, my head began swimming with ideas!

I absolutely love being able to get out of the studio and explore something creative!

When I first started shooting boudoir I was living in Hawaii and always shot on the beach.

While I love the studio that we have designed, it is always fun to get out!

Miss E is a stunning mother of three.

She juggles home life, the life of a military wife, going to school, and transitioning out of the military (both herself and her husband!) and she does so flawlessly.

Miss E is incredibly sweet! And on top of that she is so beautiful, both inside and out.

Her outdoor boudoir beach session could not have been more perfect! We had gorgeous lighting, amazing wind to bring some movement to the images, and the beach was very peaceful.

Also, can I just say how much I LOVE the fact that she chose clothing from one of my favorites, Agent Provocateur!!!

This has got to go down as one of my favorite sessions ever!

I am SO thankful that Miss E has agreed to share some of her images with everybody!

Miss E Virginia Beach Outdoor Boudoir Photographer (11)


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If you have seen me since last Saturday, you may have noticed that I have been running my hands through my hair constantly, as if I’m worried it’s about to fall out. I have tried to combat the urge to touch, but I cannot resist the temptation.

Growing up, I never went to a salon to have my hair done; with the exception of the often disastrous occasions where the stylist cut my hair inches too short or uneven.

I am multi-racial. I am a mix of black, white, and Chamorro (among other things, but let’s make it easy and say those three). My mother had gorgeous long, wavy, black hair so fitting for her island girl roots. She was a bit at a loss on how to take care of my hair and left me to my own devices as I grew older and my hair became more and more untamed.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of having my hair done by Markia at her shop. To say that it was an experience is an understatement! As soon as I sat in her chair I felt completely at ease and she became my therapist for a few hours. I swear, my whole life story just flew out of my mouth. I felt so comfortable and relaxed in her talented hands.

Markia dyed my hair blue, purple, and a little bit of oink while leaving in my natural black color. Not only did she do an insanely amazing job dying it, she also straightened it.

Hot damn! I could not keep my hands out of my hair to save my life! I have never felt it so silky smooth and so easily manageable! I’m sure used to my wild curls, so having tame hair for a change was seriously the best few days of my life!

There really is something to be said about treating yourself. Having somebody do such an incredible job when dying and styling my hair has given me such a confidence boost! When I came home and my husband saw my hair I could see a little spark in his eyes. Not only does he love it, but I have received so many compliments since having it done!

At the beginning of the year I changed my prices to include hair services. Not only does it look amazing in photos, but it also allows you time to sit, relax, and hang out for a bit before you do something so completely out of your comfort zone!

Markia is absolutely amazing at what she does! She kicks ass at doing hair (especially if she can handle my mane- which has only been done once successfully once before her) but she is also such an insanely talented makeup artist!

I am so thrilled to be able to offer her services to you! Carly and Markia are such an integral part of my team and I could not do it without them! They both have such an amazing, and sometimes crazy, energy about them and they are sure to out you at ease and have you glowing from inside out.

As vain as it may be, this past week has left me feeling so pretty and I owe it all to her!

Markia Nicole Hair and Makeup Artist

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I have been absolutely swooning over a certain company for a few years for now!

Agent Provocateur is the ultimate in sexy luxury lingerie!

Their pieces exude confidence, sensuality, and a boldness that fits my clients perfectly!

If you are looking for a great place to shop, check out their website!

I am so stoked that they are currently having an awesome sale!

Agent Provocateur

And I am even more excited that a client of mine purchased some gorgeous pieces for her upcoming boudoir session!!!

I cannot wait to photograph Miss E in this gorgeous getup!

Agent Provocateur

Can you say Boudoir Photographers dream?

I am seriously swooning!


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