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 I first discovered this eye shadow when we lived in Hawaii.

My husband and I were shopping in Nordstrom’s when we saw this punk/goth inspired line from MAC. Naturally, I was drawnicon wink Things I Love Thursday

I had been searching for a new purple eye shadow for years since the one I loved in high school had stopped being made.

The makeup artist put this on me and I was hooked!

I don’t know if you know this, but I kinda like the color purple. Just a little.

This color is super pigmented and you can wear it very bright and bold or very muted but glam.

I love and I highly suggest you check it out!

I just stocked up just in case they ever discontinue this line!

TILT MAC Young Punk2 Things I Love Thursday


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When you think of boudoir, I feel that a lot of people immediately think of lingerie.

The amazing thing about boudoir is that it is completely open to interpretation: You can make anything sexy.

Miss J proved this when she decided to wear a sweater for her boudoir session!

Miss J Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer 9 What to Wear Boudoir Edition: The Sweater

So please, if you find that you are getting stuck, get creative!

I’m always here to help you choose your boudoir outfits!


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I have been wanting to start this installment for quite some time now!!!

One of the questions I ask all of my clients: Is your partner a boob or butt lover?

I have to say, it’s about a 75/20/5 split.

Twenty percent looove the boobs.

Five percent love something else- and I have heard some interesting things! 

But overall, 75 percent of you ladies say they love your bum.

So hello Tushie Tuesday!

Our gorgeous tush for this week belongs to Miss C.

She had her session as a grooms gift for her now husband. And I am so looking forward to shooting her again for a third time this month!!!

Tushie Tuesday Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer Tushie Tuesday: Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer


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