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Since Miss V came in for her session with this amazing fur vest we have had a few ladies do something similar.

And the result: Fierce.

I absolutely love how sexy something so unique can be!

I love the texture that fur gives as well!

You do not have to worry about shoes, jewelry, etc.

A fur vest is a statement piece of its own and pairs nicely with a sexy pair of panties.

Do you have something similar?

You should bring it in for your session!

What to Wear Boudoir Edition: Fur


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The best part of my job is seeing the transformation that women have throughout their session.

Miss A doesn’t wear makeup often. She is a very simple, down to earth woman.

And I LOVE that!

So many of my clients come and tell me that they never wear makeup and they don’t do much to their hair. They are very laid back women who love the natural look.

Seeing them break out of their comfort zone and try something new is such a fun experience for all of us!

I posted a photo of Miss A and she had a “I can’t believe that’s me!” moment.

So I thought I would post a few more because I love them so much!!!

Also, that top she is wearing. She told me that she hadn’t worn it for 20 years.

Say what?! I was shocked. She doesn’t look old enough to have had that for so long!

Miss A has lost 80+ pounds and she is looks HOT!
It was so great photographing you Miss A!!! You seriously amaze me!

Miss A Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer (1)Miss A Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer (3)Miss A Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer (2)


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This week I have been majorly obsessed with a love affair that blossomed when we were stationed in Hawaii.

Açaí Bowls.

Yep. I am pretty much obsessed.

I had a ritual back in Hawaii. And it involved a lot of time spent at the Coffee Gallery in HaleIwa writing papers and chowing down on either their Vegetarian Pineapple Chili or their yummy Açaí Bowls! 

If you haven’t had one, it is pretty much a delicious berry concoction filed with fruit, granola, nuts, you name it!

When we moved to Virginia I was bummed.

Not just because we left Hawaii but because we left all of the unique flavors Hawaii had to offer.

My homemade açaí bowl is not nearly as delicious as the ones from my new favorite spots!

My homemade açaí bowl is not nearly as delicious as the ones from my new favorite spots!

I was so happy when I stumbled on an awesome place in Hilltop that offered my yummy berry love!

Fruitive is a health conscious restaurant that features some of the best fucking juices you will ever taste.

And they are a certified green restaurant!

Yesterday I was in need of my bowl fix so I made sure to check out a new spot along with some of my favorite ladies;  Miss Y, my client turned bestie and Carly, one of the best makeup artists Hampton Roads has to offer!

We made it over to the Oceanfront and hit up Zeke’s Beans & Bowls. And let me tell you, it was heaven in my mouth!

Not only do they have açaí bowls. They also have Poke!

Let me tell you, I was in nostalgia land!

Their poke and açaí bowls were just like I remembered from my time in Hawaii!

I am a huge supporter of local businesses and I would love it if you would show your support as well!!!

Please stop by these two locally owned restaurants for some yummy eats and awesome atmosphere.

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