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We are offering 8 ladies the chance to take 50% off of their boudoir session! This applies to both couples AND individual sessions!

You will also receive a free 16×20 inch canvas to showcase your favorite image!

The first four ladies who book this Black Friday special will also receive a free $100 print credit!

Our studio is the ONLY studio in Hampton Roads that caters to Boudoir exclusively.

Sessions include:
One on one session planning in which I help you plan every detail of your session.
A luxury boudoir experience in our private Downtown Norfolk studio.
Professional hair and makeup styling.
Professional retouching and editing of your images.
In person Unveiling session and ordering appointment where you view and order your chosen way of displaying your images!

I cannot wait to meet you!!!

Contact me ( if you would like more details on our Black Friday deal!

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One thing I firmly believe is that ALL people are beautiful.

We often preach self love and say “Real women have curves” but that is bullshit.

ALL women are real women.

You cannot champion for self love and body acceptance while in the same sentence putting others down.

I often have clients that come in feeling self conscious because they don’t feel they have curves. They worry they won’t photograph well because they don’t have a D cup. They don’t feel feminine because they don’t fit society’s standards of what a woman should look like.

There are so many ideas of the perfect body out there.

It has taken me 26 years to love and accept the body that I have for what it is. Do I want to change things? Of course. But I have also come to love myself and my body because it has carried me through hell and back.

Miss M came in for her session cloaked in her own insecurities. She wanted to create a gift for her boyfriend, but more importantly, she needed to feel confident and empowered.

Miss M was nervous and was pushed so far out of her comfort zone.

However, as we worked through her session, a her inner seductress emerged.

She completely took charge and owned her sexuality. We had chills at the end because the transformation was so incredible.

I am so excited to share Part One of Miss M’s boudoir session!

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Strength comes in many forms.

As a boudoir photographer, my goal has always been to empower and encourage women to redefine and rediscover their strength. I LOVE strong, independent women. I have always believed in empowering women to be the best version of themselves.

When I sponsored the RUFIT event in September I had the pleasure of watching competitors of all different levels of experience and backgrounds push themselves to their limits and cheer their fellow athletes on.

It was so motivating and so exciting to watch these individuals.

I have been on my own personal fitness journey, and it has been a mental battle just as much as a physical one.

You have to make the decision to show up. Whether you want to or not. You have to push through the pain. You have to push through the discomfort. You have to push through the own limits that you set for yourself.

There is an immense amount of pride and accomplishment that comes when you set a new personal record. For so long, I limited myself on what I could do. I never imagined I could lift as much as I do now. It took a lot of reflection, pushing through fear and self doubt, and sheer determination to get to where I am now.

Miss A started her crossfit journey many years ago. She is now a coach at Crossfit Chesapeake and I know that she has personally motivated many of my own friends.

Strong is sexy. Strong women are more powerful than they know.

I watched Miss A compete at RUFIT and I was so excited when I saw her standing on the winners podium!

I have to give a huge shout out to Crossfit Chesapeake for allowing us to shoot at their facility!

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