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“I don’t have a plan. I just want to go out and be inspired by the snow.”

I know. It sounds super corny and I never felt more like a photographer at that moment.

I am so thankful for amazing friends who are willing to brave the snow with me.

You may recognize Ophelia from a past session.

She is an incredibly smart and drop dead gorgeous woman with the most beautiful curves!

Ophelia radiates sensuality and class.

I absolutely loved being able to brave a snowy day in Virginia Beach with her for this snow boudoir session!


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As I looked down at my phone I let out a sudden gasp. Not because I was still awake and it was 4am. That’s not unusual for me.

Instead, I gasped because a quick glance revealed a date that has marked the anniversary of what I consider one of my greatest achievements.

February 19th was once a nondescript date that held absolutely no importance to me.

Five years ago I unwittingly tread on a path that would forever change the way I see and interact with the world and the beautiful people in it.

If you would have told the 19 year old LeZandra that she would be here in five years she would have laughed at you. She had a plan. A plan that she would not have ever deviated from. She was very stubborn (okay, she still is) and often insecure. She had not found her voice. She did not know who she was. If you would have told me that at 24 I would be a mother, have a house in Virginia, and own a gorgeous photography studio she would have pointed you to the nearest therapist because you have obviously lost your mind.

Over the last five years I have met some of the most amazing people. I have been able to laugh with, cry with, and create one of the most intimate treasures a person can have of themselves. These women have beautiful souls and the fact that they have allowed me into their lives has been one of the greatest feelings. These women are strong, bold, and passionate. They are doctors, lawyers, and artists. They are military service members. They are firefighters. They are nurses. They are teachers. They are mothers and lovers. They are sisters and daughters. They are everyday women who make this world a better place because they exist with hearts burning with a passion for life and a deep love for those around them.

I wanted to celebrate LeZandra Photography’s Fifth Birthday with three things:

First, I wanted to offer a little birthday treat to my clients! Receive 50% off of any session booked today!

If you win our giveaway your entire session retainer will be refunded!

You have the chance to win an individual OR a couples boudoir session for free at our luxury Virginia Beach Boudoir Studio!

LeZandra Photography Five Year Anniversary

Enter below!


Second is another giveaway for my fellow business owners! One thing that has helped me tremendously this year has been the Day Designer organizer. As a business owner, a mother, and a Type A planner, this thing has helped remove so much stress from my life! I will be doing a review of the Day Designer shortly, but for now just trust that this thing is incredible! This planer sold out of their January 2015 editions before they even officially launched for the year! Thankfully, I was able to get my hands on one!2015-01-18_0001To enter the giveaway, just follow the steps below!


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