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Finding outfits for your boudoir session doesn’t have to be tricky.

The key to a successful session is finding outfits that flatter your figure and fit correctly.

I cannot stress the importance of a proper fit enough!

I was inspired to do this series by my friend Leslie at Lavish Boudoir!

Now presenting, Wear This, Not That!

Wear this, not that. Boudoir What to Wear

Outfits from Victoria Secret.

One thing I hear the most about concerns when shopping for boudoir outfits are tummy worries.

As a mom, I can totally sympathize!

However, most people feel the need to hide their mid-section with something flowy versus something fitted.

I’m going to tell you right now: STOP!

Flowy outfits actually do more harm than good!

An outfit that is flowy adds bulk and does nothing to define your shape.

They typically do not have a lot of support up top, which is definitely necessary when you are more busty.

Finding an outfit that is form fitted will offer support throughout the outfit.

Outfits with boning create lines and add shape.

Fitted outfits define your waist and create the illusion of a longer torso.

Stay tuned for next weeks Wear This, Not That!


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When we step outside of the confines of what make us feel safe and enter into the unknown we never know what we may find.

Miss K was nervous.

In 2015 she resolved to have a boudoir session so that she could push herself out of her comfort zone.

She is at a defining moment of her life where she is rediscovering who she is free of any outside influences.

Miss K and I were left with aching cheeks from all of the smiling done during her Unveiling because she was shocked. She saw herself as the sexy and confident woman that is buried under the uniform that she puts on every day.

Throughout her session she kept exclaiming “that’s not me!”.

Yes, K, it is totally you.

Great things never come from comfort zones.

I hope this experience was the perfect way to jump start a year of confidence, boldness, and adventure.

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