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Miss D is a firecracker!

When she came into the session her personality just radiated. She has such an incredible sense of humor and we had so many laughs during her time in hair and makeup!

Like most of our clients, she was nervous. Having a boudoir experience was so far out of her comfort zone.

Miss D spends most of her time working as a nurse or taking care of her children. While she was in hair makeup she mentioned that she felt a little guilty doing something for herself.

Since becoming a mother, I have definitely felt the mom guilt. Any money spent doing something for myself takes away from my family. But I also know that if I don’t take time to do something for myself I end up unhappy.

We have to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others.

I am so happy that Miss D chose to have this experience for herself. While she came in planing on creating a gift for her husband, she left feeling proud and confident, happy that she spent some time pampering herself. This was a gift for her just as much as it was for him.

Thank you for allowing me to share your images, Miss D!

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I adore this woman.

When Miss M had her session she was in the middle of defending her dissertation, planning a wedding, and working for a non-profit.

I am happy to say that she is now Dr. M, married to an incredible partner (they are so perfect for each other!), and she is a professor at a University in Ohio.

I first met Miss M five years ago. She was amazing then, and she is amazing now. To say she is strong and confident would be an understatement. She is a badass intersectional vegan crossfitter and smasher of the patriarchy. She takes no shit and loves so deeply.

If I could clone Miss M a million times, I would do so. 

I LOVE when I have clients that I can truly speak my mind with and I love being able to do so with her.

Miss M, thank you for being you.

Can I also add, hell yes for bringing the most amazing outfits. Agent Provocateur and Christian Louboutin make my heart happy.

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The night before Miss C was scheduled to come in for her session, she wanted to cancel. She wanted to make up some excuse for why she couldn’t come in. She was feeling what so many women feel before her session: fear.

Fear of stripping down in front of a stranger, fear of letting me down, fear of not being able to let lose.

Having a boudoir session is not easy. It takes a lot of courage. The experience of being vulnerable and opening yourself up to a stranger is not something you just do every day.

I am SO glad that Miss C did not cancel.

This woman has lost 60 pounds and has been on a journey of self love and rediscovery. After her session we were talking about confidence. This is something we ALL struggle with. I don’t care what you look like. We all have something we are self conscious of.

To know that a woman who didn’t even want to leave her house a year ago came in and held her head high and posed with confidence filled me with so much joy.

Miss C, you are exactly why I do what I do. Because during your session I saw such an incredible transformation. I watched you relax, unwind, and show your strength and beauty in the most magical way. I saw that inner fire come out and I watched as you allowed yourself to be comfortable in your confidence and self love.

Here’s what Miss C had to say about her experience:

“Sooooo I’ve waited weeks to write my review hoping I’d come up with the perfect words for LeZandra and the experience that she gave me. To say the experience was life changing is an understatement. LeZandra and her amazing team made me feel like a long time friend from the moment I walked in the door. I was so skeptical of having anyone other than myself do my hair and makeup (because yes I have slight control issues) and I was completely blown away by her team. LeZandra made the session completely comfortable and I’m still not convinced that her and I were not best friends in another life lol. Her charm and creativity are unmatched in my opinion and after months of stalking her work on social media I am so glad I decided to finally go for it. The finished product is as amazing as the experience and I kind of want to leave my album on my coffee table so that EVERYONE can see them. The pictures are so tastefully done that I am not embarrassed to show them to anyone. Thank you LeZandra for a truly awakening experience. You da bomb ma ♥️♥️”

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